Conjugate Margins Conference 2017


The Conjugate Margins Conferences are independently organized, bi-annual scientific meetings focused on improving knowledge on the geological evolution and petroleum prospectivity of divergent Atlantic margin basins. They are supported through the financial and like assistance of industry, government organizations, technical societies and universities. The inaugural meeting was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in August of 2008, and subsequently in Lisbon, Portugal (September 2010), Dublin, Ireland (August 2012), St. John’s, Newfoundland (August 2014), and next in Recife, Brazil in August of 2017.

These gatherings are designed to facilitate the collegial exchange of ideas and knowledge on basin development and petroleum systems of conjugate margins on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They attract delegates interested in the latest hydrocarbon exploration activities and exploration-related research on the Atlantic conjugate margins basins, including E&P companies, geological and geophysical service companies, consultants, university researchers, government agencies and departments. Students are strongly encouraged to participate through discounted registration with the best oral and poster presentations recognized with prizes for presentation excellence.

The conferences are held during the late summer and follow the same successful template with three days of keynote, oral and poster presentations and trade displays, along with pre- and post-conference field trips, core workshops and short courses interwoven with social and cultural events reflecting the hospitality of the host country. The thematic sessions from the conferences to date include Atlantic margin evolution and development, plate reconstruction, geodynamics, petroleum systems, exploration and production, and productive fields and analogues.

The Conjugate Margins Conferences have a proven record of bringing together people to share new data and ideas about the evolution of sedimentary basins and their associated petroleum systems in the Atlantic margins. Each conference has had a successively greater number of delegates and especially students. The organizers strive to create a gathering that encourages the building of business and research relationships with the goal of improving knowledge and prospectivity of this under-explored global petroleum province.
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A number or articles on each of the conferences have been written by Susan R. Eaton for the AAPG’s “Explorer” magazine that offers unique insights into the events from the organizers and participants perspectives.

Halifax 2008
January 2008:
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November 2008
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January 2009
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Lisbon 2010
June 2010:
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Dublin 2012
October 2011:
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St. Johns 2014
March 2014:
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